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Discover Engineering in Greater Philadelphia

Discover Engineering in Greater PhiladelphiaThe Philadelphia Engineering Foundation, the charitable arm of the Engineers’ Club, recently completed the development of a new student outreach website “Discover Engineering in Greater Philadelphia”, courtesy of a grant from IBM.

This new website can be a valuable resource for:

1) students, parents, educators, and the general public to find out the work that engineers do, and

2) program providers to promote their K-12 student outreach programs relevant for potential engineers and for area students, teachers, and educators to find out about programs that would be of interest.  Information on scholarships and internships is also available on this site.

Program providers can register and enter information on their K-12 student outreach programs. This information will then be part of a searchable database that will be useful for students, parents, and educators.

We’ve tried to make this as painless as possible, while also capturing basic information along with a link to your website for the details.

Go to Discover Engineering in Greater Philadelphia, click on the upper right hand corner “Login for Program Providers” and then create an account. The account will need to be approved before you can enter information on any programs, but that is done as quickly as possible.

There is a Program Providers Guide. While those sometimes can be more intimidating than just following the online steps, there are a few idiosyncrasies of the program creation process, which the guide does cover.

There are many websites that provide information about engineering, and this new website provides links to many of them (and will add more as we become aware of them). What makes this website different is that it provides information on all areas of engineering and is focused on programs and engineering schools in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Contact Leah Reynolds if you have any questions.

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